Product & Promotion Planning

So you have a product and need to set your price. Will the world come running to your doorstep? Not unless people know about your product - you must promote it. Set the stage for sales with a thoughtfully developed promotion plan.

A promotion plan outlines the promotional tools or tactics which the AIB team plan to use to accomplish your marketing objectives. To the new or inexperienced marketer, the promotion plan might be mistaken as the entire marketing plan because it outlines where the majority of the marketing budget will be spent. It is, however, just one component of the marketing plan - there are additional strategy and planning components described in a marketing plan.

The AIB team are ready to choose to include the following components in your promotion;

Description (or listing) of the promotional tactics which we can plan to use.

Projected costs for the year.

Explanation of how your promotion tactics will support your marketing objectives.

Description of promotional adjustments for cyclical businesses, if yours is indeed cyclical

The major component to your Promotion Plan is the description (or listing) of the planned promotional tactics you plan to use.

There are many promotional tools that ,the AIB product and promotion planning team are ready to use to enhance the product awareness in the Market.