Merchandising & Go To Market

A.I.B merchandising team plan product ranges and prepare sales and stock plans in conjunction with buyers and maintaining a comprehensive library of appropriate data.

We working closely with visual-display staff and department heads to decide how goods should be displayed to maximize sales and also producing layout plans for stores, sometimes called 'statements'.

we can analyze every aspect of bestsellers (for example, the bestselling price points, colors or styles) and ensuring that they reach their full potential; and also maintaining awareness of competitors' performance; and even monitoring slow sellers and taking action to reduce prices or set promotions as necessary. or gathering information on customers' reactions to products.

A.I.B analyzing the previous season's sales and reporting on the current season's lines; meeting with suppliers and managing the distribution of stock, by negotiating cost prices, ordering stock, agreeing timescales and delivery dates and completing the necessary paperwork; identifying production and supply difficulties and dealing with any problems or delays as they arise.

Finally the A.I.B Merchandising team would be capable to managing, training and supervising promoters, merchandisers and supervisors.