Idea Generation

Purposeful, rather than ad hoc, concept idea generation can often be a neglected component of new product , ad , and brand concept development efforts. Large enterprises invest heavily in R&D, yet the emphasis always seems to be pure research and process development that is confined to engineers. Concept ideation for marketing strategy building must permeate the enterprise. Our marketing strategy consulting helps make this happen.

Successful idea generation is part of the hunt for the vastly superior undiscovered idea, and it is a secret ingredient in the opportunity scanning process. We systematically mine scores of innovative ideas that lie within our experience, intelligence and natural creative abilities. In working with clients, we follow a set fundamental principles that are key to generating a number of ideas in the opportunity scanning process.

AIB use specific idea generation tools and techniques that help uncover opportunities. At Power Decisions Group, we use a broad range of aids: computer ideation software, personal interviews, group process, written exercises, and content analysis. Key to our idea generation approach ...

Capture a vision of the marketplace from different angles.

Create environments to collaborate, ideate, and problem solving directly with customers and prospects.

Work with language to elaborate, clarify and reframe problems, customer needs, and opportunities.

See the problem from many different perspectives... customers, production workers, customer service workers, complainers.

Think very big...without constraints.

Use data from many sources, look for relationships.